Ultrasonic methods are an integral part of most instrumentation measuring instruments, especially non-contact devices. In ultrasonic flow meters that are used in a wide range of gaseous and liquid fluids, the Doppler properties are familiar with physics. Frequency of a source. On the other hand, a receiver checks this frequency instantaneously. If the flux of fluid changes, this switching frequency will change significantly due to the speed of the fluid. Measuring and calibrating these changes in terms of flowing will allow you to measure flux in an ultrasonic way. In practice, the technique of measuring flux in an ultrasonic way will have its own complexity, but the basis of measuring most of the ultrasonic flowmeters is the Doppler mechanism.

In the selection of ultrasonic flowmeters, consider the following:

Flow Measurement Range
Line pressure
installation method
Density or fluid viscosity
Portable or fixed device
The presence of particles in the fluid



  • Accuracy:Better than 1%
  • Repeatability::Better than 0.2%
  • Caliber:DN15-DN6000
  • Transducer Temperature:-30℃-160℃
  • Velocity:±32 m/s

Handheld Ultrasonic Flow Meter Specification:

Linearity 0.5%
Repeatability 0.2%
Accuracy ±1% of reading at rates>0.2mps
Response 0-999 seconds
Velocity ±32m/s
Pipe Size 15mm-6000mm
Rate Units Meter,Feet,Cubic Meter,Liter,Cubic Feet,USA Gallon,UK Gallon,
Oil Barrel,USA Liquid Barrel, UK Liquid Barrel;
Totalizer 7-digit totalizers for net accumulation and positive and negative accumulations
Liquid Types all liquids
Security Locks of Set values, you have to unlock while changing data;
Display 4x8 Chinese or 4x16 English letters
Communication Interface RS-232C,baud-rate :from 75 to 57600.Protocol made by the
manufacturer and compatible with that of the FUJI ultrasonic flow meter.
Transducers Model M1 for standard,other 3 models for optional
Transducer Cord Standard 2x5 meters,optional 2x10 meters
Power Supply 3AAA Ni-Hbuilt-inbatteries.When fully rech arged it will lastover 10 hours of operation.
100V-240VAC for the charger
Data Logger Built-in data logger can store over 2000 lines of data
Manual 7-digit press-key-to-gototalizer for calibration
Housing ABS



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