Completed Projects

1. instrumentation and industrial automation systems, gas turbine overhaul collaboration in Tabriz Petrochemical 27 MW power plant in 2003.
2. collaborate on projects and power plant instrumentation Sahand jam tabriz co 2005.
3. Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment, automation, instrumentation, calibration, factory Sahand jam tabriz co dated from 2006 to 2013.
4. of 6 AT Russian Center CNC cooperation in optimizing CNC Machine Sazi Tabriz, instead of replacing computer devices to send and receive data relevant Tape reader 2006.
5. Installation of equipment for cement factory fuel system Zanjan, implementation and automation of fuel based on PLC, HMI and controller of Siemens and the problem of control valves for the shortcomings of the positioner and 2007.
6. Installation of equipment and control boards Fkv casting plant in the town of foreign investment in 2009.
7. tray intake cabling, installation of instrumentation equipment for automation and batch plant, casting plant Sahand igneous 2009.
8. tray intake cabling and installation and commissioning of automation equipment and instrumentation silica Tabriz Sahand 2010.
9.-line weighing system design and implementation silica material on the conveyor belt using silicon modules SENECA Tabriz Sahand in 2010.
Overhaul of instrumentation and industrial automation systems 10 partnership in steam turbine
6 MW of the company in 2011 Semnan sodium carbonate.
11. Performing backup and computer related DCS systems (water, power, fuel) of sodium carbonate in 2011 Semnan.
12. Setup and Repair screw Kmprvssvr Dalgakiran Turkey 2014.
13. installation and repair Air-Gonka Turkey 2014.
14. Sarbandi cabling installation and instrumentation, DCS and calibration of weighing systems Batch Plant Tabriz Sahand flute in 2014.
15. Sarbandi cabling installation and instrumentation, PLC, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzer unit Tabriz Sahand flute 2014.
16. cable, Sarband, and installation of instrumentation and DCS of the furnace, tin bath and flute Tabriz Sahand Lhr 2014.
17. cooperation in the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the unit H2 N2 Mixing Plant Tabriz Sahand flute 2014.
18. Installation 4 1.5 MW diesel generators brands MTU control system Wodward Tabriz Sahand Cup 2014.
19. Installation, cabling and transformers up to 20KV. 2000 1600 1250 KVA. S·hd flute Tabriz 2014.
20. Installation and set up the feeder HV 1250 and 4000 amp amp amp LV2000 Tabriz Sahand flute 2014


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