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Date: December , 2015

Hassan shahir

Designation:Direct manager


Farayand Pardazan Takin Sanat Co .

engineering group using a veteran and Experienced people in the field

of power electrical-control and instrumentation active in the field of electrical and industrial automation began in 2006.

With extensive experience in the field of installation and execution

electrical projects –industrial automation and instrumentation and

cooperation with some international companies in Iran the ability to

provide engineering services with comprehensive technical information

will be secure option.

Our services include the following and we will be happy help on your projects:

● Provision-installation-start up

●Management and monitoring of projects

●Cabling-cable tray-installation of electricity panel

●Calibration instrumentation equipment .


Cooperation with some international companies:

From 2007 to 2009:

●Sorg company

●EME company member of sorg Group

●CNUD-EFCO company

●Rurex industrial machinery company

●Grenzebach company


From 2013 to 2015:

●Bottero Glass technologe

●STG company

●Sorg company


Some of the projects implemented in Iran:

● Cooperation Overhaul of industrial automation systems and instrumentation for

the gas turbine 27 MW power plant in Tabriz Petrochemical.

● Implementation electrical and instrumentantion projects in the tabriz sahand jam

company(galss company)

● Installation and commissioning of equipment for the cement factory fuel system

Zanjan,implementation of automation based on plc&Hmi and siemens controllers

for the fuel unit.

● Implementation cable tray,cabling,termination Installation and

commissioning of automation and instrumentation equipment batch plant

in the casting plant sahand azarin.

● Installation and commissioning high voltage 1200 amp Feeders in the

sahand company.

● Installation and commissioning of the equipment's instrumentation,DCS

and calibration of weighing systems Batch Plant Tabriz Sahand Float.

● Installation and commissioning of instrumentation

equipment,PLC,Analyzers,nitrogen and hydrogen production unit Tabriz sahand float .



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