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Farand Pardazan Technical and Engineering Company has provided technical engineering services in the field of sales, import, supply and installation of precision equipment, electricity and control of industries with work experience and expert workforce. The company has gathered specialized personnel and The expert started his activity and has brilliant records in oil, gas, petrochemical, glass, water, food and related industries. With reserves and practical and scientific experiences, we have the ability to serve industry managers. The existence of companies with the ability to provide technical engineering services and comprehensive technical information is a necessary and vital matter. We will be a sure option in this regard.

1- Supply of instrumentation equipment and control systems

2 - Supply of XRD - XRF - X RAY devices and related spare equipment

3- Installation and commissioning

4- Repairs and maintenance

5- Design and construction

6- Execution and supervision of the project

7- Some examples of projects implemented by this collection The company has active business offices in China and Turkey and is ready to supply and supply all kinds of spare parts and equipment from world-renowned brands, through air and ground bases. Sales representatives and after-sales service of Chinese and European companies. Henan Inte Electrical, Chauvin-arnoux, Pangu, Drager, Encel, Larzep, Alfet Festo, Microdetector, Yaskawa, Sgm-Lektra, ATO, ECEFAST


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