Industrial electrical projects

Industrial electrical projects, switchboards, switchgear coupling, capacitive panel, control panel, power cable

Some of the activities and services
1. Design and Drawing Wiring and monitor them
2. The design, manufacturing, assembly and installation of electric panels (electricity distribution boards, panels coupling, capacitive panels, control panels, etc.)
3. Install and Ladder (TRAY), Kandvyyt, duct, studio lights, projectors etc.
4. Run the power cable (20KV / 400V) and control in different sizes
5. The isolation test
6. Designed earthing system (wells, rod, mesh) and its implementation
7. Design and equip a complete internal 20KV Posts
8. Design and installation of fire alarm systems are fully
9. The central system is fully installed
10. The design and implementation of security system
11-year contracts for the maintenance of all electrical units ranging from lighting and equipment, devices, panels, circuits and systems, hydraulic-pneumatic command
12. The workshop is equipped with all types of electric windings

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