Sell Hydrostatic level Transmitter:

This height measurement device has a pressure sensor that measures the hydrostatic pressure of the liquid column. The hydrostatic pressure has a direct relation to the liquid elevation. The variety of pressure measurement tools has led to the widespread use of this method in measuring the height of fluids. The pressure measured is equal to the pressure of the column of liquid plus the surface pressure. It should be noted that in atmospheric tanks the pressure of the surface will be equal to atmospheric pressure.

If the pressure level of the fluid is greater or less than atmospheric pressure, the differential pressure sensor is used. In these cases, the pressure applied to the surface will be reduced to a total pressure, so that only the column pressure of the fluid can be calculated.

It should be noted that all measurements of the height of the fluid level, based on the measurement of the pressure of the column of the fluid, should be accurately determined for the fluid density, since relatively high temperature changes lead to a change in the fluid density. For this reason, all of these devices, including hydrostatic meters, are also used to compensate for the temperature. The most common transducer is piezoelectric.




  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 1 mH2O up to 0 ... 250 mH2O
  • accuracy: 0,1 % / 0,25 % / 0.35 % FSO
  • diameter 35 mm
  • cable and sensor section separable
  • excellent long term stability
  • high accuracy

Optional Features

IS-version zone 0

SIL 2 (Safety integrity level)

cable protection via corrugated pipe

mounting accessoires as cable gland and terminal clamp of stainless steel

different kinds of cables

different kinds of seal materials



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