Smart Trash


Throw trash away in the trash of one of the enjoyable things that desk doing! If the aim is good, get rid of waste have been comfortable. But if we're lucky and pointing after a failed launch, we have a long way to go and pick up the garbage and throw into the bin.

The story of luck and laziness sparks an idea in the mind of a gifted designer is Japanese. FRP is for this designer who has designed a smart trash garbage in the air routing.

Smart Trash with a camera and a Kinect sensor can detect space debris thrown. After identifying the waste in the air calculated that comes waste at the landing site and the result of this calculation is sent to the trash. Trash mission starts now. Using the built-in wheels that moved to the trash and it hunts.

No matter how strong you are targeting or how much you're lucky that trash in the fall. Just sitting in any part of the waste into the air and make smart leave the rest to the trash.

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