Control systems

All variables of the main furnace process are controlled in a closed and automated loop. These signals, derived from a comprehensive set of sensors, have entered a central control and instrument panel. Hand switches are used to control the variables manually or in an emergency. From the central control panel it can access all data.

Features and options available on the central panel:

Select the operation and push the button for the complete furnace (melting area, pressure, glass surface, data collection forehearths).
Furnace control (melting and refining) Siemens.
Siemens gas flow digital control.
Airflow Siemens Digital Controller
Hot air Siemens digital controller
PLC processor

Signal for status alert (Call Alert - Call Alarm - Ringtone Restore)
Furnace pressure control
Glass surface controller

1. Temperature controller

2. Gas controller

3. Air controller

4. Air flow transmitter

5. Heat recuperator

6. inverter

7. Air valve

8. Fan

9. Thermocouple

10. Gas valve

11. Main gas valve

12. Flexible joint

13. Filter

14. Gas reducer

15. Shut off the valve

16. Gas flow transmitter

17. Gas controller


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